Rolling with the Punches.


Well were to start. I have been thinking a bit for a while that i would like to either write a book or start a blog.

Here I am am starting a blog. I thought it would be therapeutic as in my 45 years on this earth I have been through more then most.

Only child, Eating disorder,Extroverted (to find out later in life I am actually a Amivert),Had Cancer,Son with Autism,Started a business,Divorce, Single mother,Financial issues, Starting over,Building a good life, Finding love again and dealing with ageing parents as a only child.. Now dealing with Midlife. Yup rolling with the punches or as my therapist has said to me a “bad country song”

I am not saying my life has been all bad. I think we all have things in our life good and bad.

By writing this blog I am am not saying I have all the answers and I am still learning things,but what gets me through things is humour dealing with emotions good and bad,and reading other people journeys in life. Things that we can all relate to.

Connections as Human beings.  Rolling with the Punches.




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